Microdentisty in Mooloolaba

The benefits of using Microscope Enhanced Dentistry

These days it is considered essential to perform clinical dentistry under magnification and it is even compulsory in some university settings for students to use some sort of magnification.

The benefits of magnification are:

  • Precision
  • Good vision
  • Great light

Using Microscope Enhanced Dentistry for more precision

Precision in the edges of fillings (where the filling and tooth meet) are very much aligned with the quality and longevity of the filling.

Magnification is also incredibly useful in the ability to remove decay successfully and create a properly designed cavity.

Using Microscope Enhanced Dentistry for great vision and light

Good vision and great light are actually essential to do our job!

Unlike loupes (little binoculars set into glasses, or worn on a strap around the head, and provide varying magnifications to the user) an operating microscope is the ultimate in great light and wonderful, variable, magnification.

Why Tony loves his operating microscope

It’s no secret I love my microscope and regard it as one of the absolutely essential tools for creating the best conservative dentistry I possibly can! I have invested heavily in this piece of equipment in order to increase precision and quality of our operative dentistry.

I jokingly say to patients that the best thing about a microscope is that you can see everything and the worst thing about a microscope is that you can see everything!

That means that any little flaw in your dentistry is very easy to see! Over the 10 years I’ve been using the microscope I believe this makes you more precise – a good thing for everyone!

As I’ve also mentioned in another part of this website, specialist endodontists consider the minimum standard of care for performing root canal treatment necessarily involves the use of a microscope.

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