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It is possible to love your dentist.

Friendly, family dentistry

Tony Cameron and the dentistry first team are on a mission to provide the best possible dental care for you and your family. And we want to prove that you can enjoy visiting the dentist too. And then leave with a smile.

We practice low-intervention dentistry. That means we focus on prevention rather than treatment. We work together to maintain your dental health.

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The dentistry first team

Take control of your dental health

Your dental health depends more on what you do that what we can do for you.

So, we take the time to educate all of our patients so that when they visit, we just need to make sure things are going well. We don’t want you to have to undergo extensive dental work. We’d rather work with you to maintain your dental health.

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Our patients are not afraid of going to their dentist

Our philosophy is prevention rather than intervention.

We aim to do as little dental intervention as possible when you come to visit us. We can do this because we work with all of our patients to develop an attitude of prevention rather than intervention.

We believe it’s our job to help you build and maintain dental health not to fix dental problems when they arise.

When we do need to intervene we do so with microdentistry. With modern equipment like the operating microscope we can be precise in our work and help you without doing more damage.

The dentistry first team

Friendly, Family Dental Care

Make your appointment today and get the dental care you need without stress. Come in and see why our clients love visiting their dentist.

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